House, Season 8

House, Season 8


  • Genre: Drama
  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2011-10-03
  • Folgen: 24
von 3,641 Bewertungen


Entering its eighth season, House has been honored with four Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards. two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and three consecutive People's Choice Awards for Favorite TV Drama. Last season, House and Cuddy finally decided to take their relationship to the next level, but struggled to find a balance between their professional and personal lives, and ultimately, Cuddy made the very emotional decision to end their relationship. As each of them dealt with the aftermath of the break-up, House got married to an immigrant in need of a Green Card. In the series' milestone 150th episode, Thirteen was released from prison after euthanizing her brother who was suffering from the late stages of Huntington's Disease, the same disease with which she is afflicted. As the season comes to a close, when House's attempts to mend his relationship with Cuddy fall short, he's compelled to take drastic and possibly irrevocable measures that could forever change the course of their relationship.


Titel Zeit
1 Twenty Vicodin 43:55 Download
2 Transplant 43:47 Download
3 Charity Case 43:29 Download
4 Risky Business 43:54 Download
5 The Confession 43:57 Download
6 Parents 43:59 Download
7 Dead & Buried 43:54 Download
8 Perils of Paranoia 43:50 Download
9 Better Half 43:50 Download
10 Runaways 43:56 Download
11 Nobody's Fault 43:58 Download
12 Chase 43:49 Download
13 Man of the House 43:54 Download
14 Love Is Blind 44:03 Download
15 Blowing the Whistle 43:14 Download
16 Gut Check 44:02 Download
17 We Need the Eggs 43:47 Download
18 Body & Soul 44:00 Download
19 The C-Word 43:56 Download
20 Post Mortem 43:34 Download
21 Holding On 44:02 Download
22 Everybody Dies 43:58 Download
23 House M.D. Swan Song 43:36 Download
24 Season 8 Sneak Peek 01:58 Download