Downton Abbey, Season 2

Downton Abbey, Season 2

Downton Abbey

  • Genre: Drama
  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2020-07-01
  • Folgen: 9
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Downton Abbey's Granthams and their family of servants have already weathered scoundrels, scandals, and a momentous succession crisis. But by November, 1916, the Great War has rendered everything - and everyone - changed. Even Downton Abbey itself, like its residents, has risen to the call of duty and transformed. At the war front, life intensifies for Downton's young men in the face of untold horrors. Meanwhile, at Downton, war makes new and often unjust demands. Some rise to its call for a stiff upper lip and a useful turn, and others see change as an opportunity for either growth or exploitation. Far from the trenches, there remains no shortage of scheming, meddling, and dangerous attractions.


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1 Episode One 1:09:03 Download
2 Episode Two 55:10 Download
3 Episode Three 55:29 Download
4 Episode Four 54:15 Download
5 Episode Five 55:20 Download
6 Episode Six 55:26 Download
7 Episode Seven 55:21 Download
8 Episode Eight 1:10:16 Download
9 Christmas at Downton Abbey 1:36:36 Download